Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Corner House

The Corner House is Located in Manchester and is an art gallery as well as a cinema. In gallery 3 there is a film installation by Rosa Barba. Rosa Barba is a Berlin based artist and has held exhibitions all around the world ranging from the Tate Modern in London to the New Museum in New York. The piece which is in the Corner House at the moment is called Subconscious Society, 2013. Barba is commenting on how analogue technology is already passing and the its the digital revolution. The film shows a group of people who are performing strange actions in a disused room where they assemble objects or move in sequences. The film has been filmed on one of the last Fuji stock shipments which is echoing the fading of the analogue technology. the film will showing until Sunday 24th March 2013.

Exhibition Research Centre: Jacques Charlier

The French Artist Jacques Charlier has an exhibition at the brand new LJMU Exhibition Research Centre which opened on the 30th January 2013. It is also the first exhibition Charlier has had in the UK. Jacques Charlier was very big in the northern European art scene and influenced many artists with his conceptual ideas. The photographs which have been taken in auction houses and art shows show spectators conversing and looking at the art. What i think the artist has achieved is taking notice of the ordinary and i never saw the scenarios which the photos are of as a social event. When i look at the photos i see spectators looking at the art works but i also see a large social aspect to going to an opening of an art event. The exhibition is very interesting and is open until the 1st March 2013.

MOSI: Air and Space Hall

This is another part of the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester is the Air and Space Hall which is a very large room containing many cars, bikes and planes all which have been built in Manchester. The point of this room gives people from Manchester as sense of pride showing them what their city has done to change the way we travel. The room is fascinating and rammed with aircraft. They even have a cockpit of an airplane which allows the spectator to go in and view what it is like to be a pilot. There is also a machine which you pay to sit in and has a screen which shows you flying and the machine moves in time with the image on the screen. The transport vehicles in here seem to be earlier transport machines rather than modern vehicles.

Monday, 4 February 2013

The Cube Manchester

Whilst in Manchester I tried to go to the Cube Gallery to see some contemporary art but sadly the Cube was closed even though on the website it says the Cube will be open from 12pm-5pm but it was not so when i return to Manchester i will be have to go back and hope that it will be open!

MOSI: Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester

Over the weekend i went to Manchester to visit a friend and on Saturday we decided to look around a few Museums. The closet one was MOSI. I was not the biggest fan of MOSI but the amount of interactive items on display made the Museum! As a child you would not get very bored in here, even in the making of cotton room. The museum also holds many free daily talks so that the visitor can learn more and buy making the tour free will attract more visitors. I did not go on one of the tours but they probably would have been really interesting. The museum seems to aim itself at a younger audience and families due to all the interactive objects on display but does also have adult themed exhibitions and shows such as during February 2013 there will be a Flesh-themed evening for adults. They also hold exhibitions which require the audience to be above a certain age but depends on the audience.

This image above is showing how you can make threads of cotton with your fingers and is overlooking all the machinery used once you have cotton threads. It is very educational but it is also very enjoyable. Below is a picture of a machine turning the cotton thread into a bandage used in hospitals. This is only activated when you push a button which makes the spectator engage in the machinery and not just walk past and miss it.
Overall i was not too keen on the MOSI but i believe they are attracting a good audience of the family and have managed to keep them entertained whilst looking around. When i was there, there were mainly small children and parents.