Monday, 25 March 2013

Glam! The Performance of Style

This exhibition is possibly the blockbuster exhibition of the Tate Liverpool for 2013! From mainly looking at fine art in galleries such as Manet's and Turner's to making fashion a more respected part of the art world by showcasing a whole movement of style and pop culture. In the exhibition there is fine art such as David Hockney's 'Mrs Clark and Percy' and Marc Camille Chaimowicz 'Celebration'. The reason why its so different to any exhibition i have seen before is because of the layout and the use of music, which is from an artwork but also the display of outfits and use of vinyl cases on the wall, which many people would see and probably have the exact cover at home. This is due to the exhibition being about pop culture and will have a sentimental feeling to visitors who lived throughout the era which it is showcasing (1970-75). To others who were not around at the time it gives an exciting incite to what the time was like. The exhibition focus's on Glam! in the UK as well as the US so Warhol pops up a few times in this exhibition with works such as 'Women in Revolt' which is the poster for his film about the women's liberation movement. I attended the exhibition on the private view and Tate went all out for this view by having a bar and make up studio as well as a dance floor for anyone brave enough to take to it. Whilst i was there, no one took up the challenge of being the first on it! The exhibition was very busy and felt that i was moving round very fast as i was constantly in a queue so i feel i will return to the exhibtion to get another look! Glam! has been open since the 8th February 2013 and ends on the 8th May 2013 so plenty of time to go and see the exhibition!!

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