Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Barbican art Gallery: Rain Room

After I visited the National gallery I went to the Barbican to go see the Rain Room and is apart of the random international exhibition. I got there at about four in the afternoon and when walking in realised I would not be able to see the rain room that day as the queue was so long. I joined it and a woman who worked at the Barbican walked over and point to a sign about 4 metres in front of me, which read '2 hours to queue from this sign'. It closes at 8 so I would have got in but i decided i would return at Christmas and hopefully it would have died down by then. But what I gathered from standing in the queue is that the rain room allows you to control the room by walking very slowly and the movement control stops the rain where you are!! Hopefully next time I will be writing about this when I have experienced controlling the rain!!

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