Thursday, 8 November 2012

Liverpool Biennial 2012: Wolstenhome Project

Walking into this gallery is like walking into an eerie Alice in wonderland. You enter into a tunnel made from tree branches which were at first fresh and now have aged and died. Hidden within the branches are small television screens which flick between blinking eyes and moving mouths which gives you the feeling of being watched and judged. Once out of the tunnel of trees you arrive in an dirty dim area where you can make out a light behind another set of trees. Before entering this area behind the trees there is the 'Inhospitable Library' which is a bookshelf where you can borrow the books for a week and return them. The books are books which have inspired  the curators of the gallery to create this exhibition space like this, such as 'weathering heights' by Emile Brontë and 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' by George Orwell. Moving behind the second set of trees is a table with a chair at the end and above the chair is two lampshades which are lit which reminded me of the mad hatters tea party. We talked to the curator about the lay out and she said that they did a social experiment by sitting 13 people around the table and made them sit next to someone unknown and see what came about from strangers sitting in an eerie atmosphere. The room is also very cold and to go with this spooky atmosphere is music which was made specifically for this exhibition by an outside band. the music to me sounded a little bit like the music you would here before the adverts start playing at the cinema when you arrive very early. I enjoyed this exhibition and think its well worth a visit!

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