Monday, 12 November 2012

Liverpool Biennial 2012: Patrick Murphy, Belonging

A very simple and light-hearted work which responds to the theme of the biennial, Hospitality  If you have ever lived or been to a city then you will know how much the pigeon is hated or looked as a nuisance. They are even given the name flying rats due to the unclean look about them and the diseases they carry. Murphy has turned this animal from a nuisance to a welcoming by making them pure bright colours such as green, blue and yellow. It makes the spectator notice the pigeons and sees them in a different light. They are still in the urban setting and can be seen all along the top of the Walker and a few in the Walker Gallery. So overall the artist as made an animal which is avoided and made them hospitable. You can even buy smaller versions in the gallery shop!

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