Monday, 28 January 2013

Bluecoat Gallery: William Kentridge

A William Kentridge exhbition is being held at the Bluecoat Gallery until February 3rd 2013. Kentridge is one of South Africas best contemporary artists and this exhibition focus's on his printmaking skills which he learnt at Johannesburg Art Foundation. The exhibition is large and takes over the whole of the Bluecoat's ground floor which has about four galleries in it. The work is mainly done on top of literature, whether is be a dictionary or a fiction book or even a newspaper. The print of a cat on top on the work is a common occurrence. He uses many diffent techniques and methods to get the look he wants to achieve. The work on show here is from 1988 to present day works and a lot of his work has social and political themes. In some of his works you will see bike marks and paw prints of a dog where the work has been on the floor and his dog has ran over it. The exhibition is an interesting one and a good way to see where contemporary art is heading as you do not walk into the galleries and see paintings done by a brush on easel. His works also range in size from small to very large which is showing his ability of printmaking as it is much harder to create a print on a very large scale but he shows that he can.

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