Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sudley House

Took a group visit to Sudley House last week and found it to have a very interesting history. We got to have a tour round the ground floor of the house which has been preserved since the final member of the Holt family died. George Holt was a very rich man and gave back a lot of money to Liverpool and the University. He was also an art collector and was not swayed by the fashions of the time and liked what he liked. He had many artworks by famous artist such as Turner, Gainsborough, Burne-Jones and Studwrick. The house is fascinating and has amazing features in it, not only the paintings on the walls, but also parts of the furniture is persevered to show how exactly the layout of the house was when George Holt lived there. There is also a fantastic stained glass window on entering the house. The house when George Holt's daughter died was left to Liverpool and the land to be kept public. The artworks also have to be kept together in a collection and cannot be split up from each other.

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