Monday, 28 January 2013

Open Eye Gallery: E. Chambre Hardman

There is an archive exhibition of E. Chambre Hardman which is taking place at the Open Eye Gallery down by the docks in Liverpool. Hardman is from Ireland and was well known for his portrait photographs. This exhibition shows a selection of Landscapes which Hardman took in the 1930s. He took these photos when he and his wife decided to tour Britain which allowed him to develop and move away from the style of Pictorialism. Unlike many British photographers at the time Hardman did'nt want to show how industrialization has ruined the countryside. Hardman never mixed the city and the countryside. In this picture you see a hay stack with a manual haystack mover which takes the viewer back to a time of a tranquil countryside with no machinery. This exhibition really takes the viewer back in time and shows power plants, the peaceful countryside and beasutiful photos for which i may not have ever been seen if the director of the Open Eye in 1980, Peter Hagerty, stop them from being destroyed and had a retrospective of them!

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