Monday, 15 October 2012

Bodies Revealed: Liverpool One

The Bodies Revealed Exhibition is happening at Liverpool One till the 2nd of January 2013 and is an exhibition by Dan Thomas and shows real human bodies, people who gave there body to science once they passed on. It shows the spectator what is inside us and makes you want to find out more about how we move and what things do to us. It shocked me to see the effects of alcohol and cigarettes have on the body by placing healthy organs next to damaged ones. The exhibition isn't gruesome and actually makes it very artistic and pleasant to look at. My favourite part was a right arm from shoulder to fingers showing only the blood vessels with no bone, muscle or ligaments and skin just red veins and its so nice to look at and seems like something you could have on a mantle piece or centre of the table. The most shocking part of the exhibition was in a closed off room and was the embryos. There were four embryos each getting older as you moved along. the most shocking was the abortion limit embryo which looks like a fully formed baby and it makes you think. The exhibition was shocking and it was a learning process as it showed you every single part of the body from the brain to the sexual organs to the unborn babies. The exhibition was also art and Dan Thomas told the BBC that the exhibition is 'a unique fusion of anatony, science and art'. I could not load a photo of the exhibition as no cameras or phones were allowed.

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