Monday, 8 October 2012

Liverpool Biennial 2012: Open Eye Gallery

When Volunteering at the Biennial i had to cover a lunch time shift at the new Open Eye Gallery, which is a building which looks fantastic on the outside and at the moment is holding works which are fantastic but creepy at the same time. I walked in and a woman called Ellie thanked me for helping out and she shows me to where ill be seated. First Ellie hands me a torch and says take a look for yourself. The work is called Parks and I entered the pitch black room, with my torch being the only light. I assume its going to be film art until I face my torch to the nearest wall and capture a photograph. I wonder over to this photograph slowly and see what it shows. To my shock I suddenly see a man lying on top of a woman in also a dark scenery. i notice there's another one next to it and again the same subject matter, sex outdoors. i keep moving round the room and the photos change from you watching people have sex or you watching people watching people have sex. I really liked how the artist, Kohei Yoshiyuki had us in a black room with only at torch so we become one of the watchers. although there are no trees around you have the sense of feeling you are spying on people doing intimate things which brings a whole 3-dimensional element to photography. the photographs is what the photographer discovered when he went out night into the parks in Tokyo and saw the hidden side to the city!

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