Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Liverpool Biennial 2012: Copperas Building: Unexpected Guest

The Copperas Building is the largest sorting postage building in Merseyside, so is a fairly impressive space. I love how they transformed the space into different countries such as Hong Kong, Taipei and St Petersburg. It fits well with the idea that your in a sorting room where mail has come from all over the world and they have now put the world into the space. However this is not the attraction i wanted to mention. The Unexpected Guest by Jorge Macchi is a very well done installation. Apparently what he tried to create was the feeling of the viewer being immersed in water, however when i walked in i just saw bent steel poles of different sizes and shapes. Wasn't until the Biennial Volunteer told us what to look out for did it suddenly click. The artist has has not just used the steel poles in his art but also the walls surrounding the poles have also been painted to create this water environment. He has painted a 1/6th of the wall from the floor upwards a darker white and at this point every pole is bent. the bent pole signifies a straw in a glass of water when it has been refracted. the pole is the straw and the dark white is the water. I like how the steel poles look like they could have come from the building its self as it is a very mechanical building. The picture above is the map they hand to you when you walk in to not get lost and show you when to go and shows all the place names on it which has places on it to make you feel more like you are travelling!

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