Sunday, 14 October 2012

Out Of Place: Leung Mee-ping

In the 4th Floor of the Copperas Hill Building, is a piece which i really enjoyed by the the Artist Leung Mee-ping. It is film art and the artist has been to five differnet places: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Smokey Mountain Manilla, Bangkok and Varanasi. What makes the art works interesting is that the artist has chosen someone to follow for 10 to 20 minutes around the city. the person has no fix place and they very through the different places such as in Bangkok the artist follows an old lady in the weekend market and in Varanasi he follows a cow. a poem called on the road, a wonderer is placed next to the five projections:

The words talk about how they will take there time and not worry about what everyone else is doing. The reason why I personally like this art work is that last year i went travelling the world and saw Varanasi and all the cows and went to the Weekend market in Bangkok. I know what its like to be a wanderer and feel lost in these huge cities like Bangkok, only keeping to myself and people I know. I love it how the artist took a cow to follow in Varanasi as the cow is as important as people in India. They are higher than people and they go perfectly with this poem as they wonderer the streets, no one gets in their way. 

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